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What is Sports Betting? Looking at the Basics

Gambling has a long and storied history that stretches back almost as far as our knowledge of the past. Today, there are more ways than […]


New York Sets Record for Mobile Sports Betting & 3 Stocks to Watch

News – New York Sports Betting sets record for mobile sports betting, generating $1.6 billion in handles. iBET ETF Insights: This is more than double […]


Weekly News Recap of Stories in the Sports Betting & Gaming World

News – New York Sports Betting has generated $1.2 billion in handles and $91.4 million in revenue in just 16 days. iBET ETF Insights: Industry […]


The Digital Transformation of Gambling & the Stocks behind it

Online gambling has quickly become one of the most popular markets in the world. The industry is seeing an increase in volume flowing through it […]


New York Online Sports Betting Launch

The New York Gaming Commission announced on Thursday 01/06/2022 that legalized online sports betting is coming to New York. New York became the 18th state […]


The Growth Of Sports Betting – Nasdaq Interview Transcript

Jill Malandrino Welcome to Nasdaq Trade Talks. I’m Jill Malandrino a global markets reporter at Nasdaq. Joining us, we have Jeffrey Kamys who is the […]


Inherent Wealth Fund LLC, announces the launch of the iBET Sports Betting & Gaming ETF (IBET)

Inherent Wealth Fund LLC, an ETF sponsor focused on thematic and sector-specific investing that appeals specifically to the next generation of investors, including a growing […]


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