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News – Ohio Sports Betting: Launch expected in 2023

iBET ETF Insights: Ohio bills have already been signed by Governor Mike DeWine and the state is in the process of legalizing online and retail sports gambling. The regulatory framework still needs to be put in place before the January 2023 deadline for launch. The most likely betting partners in the state as of now are, BetMGM (MGM), FanDuel (FLTR), DraftKings (DKNG), Caesars (CZR) and Fubo (FUBO).

News – Maine Sports betting proposal passes committee vote

iBET ETF Insights: A proposal from Gov. Janet Mills to legalize sports betting has passed the committee vote and is headed for the full Legislature in Maine. The Committee passed the bill with a divided vote, with several members saying they could support the bill with additional changes.

News – Kansas looking to legalize sports betting once again

iBET ETF Insights: Senator Rob Olson introduced a new bill, adding legalized sports betting to the Kansas Lottery Tax Act. “Everyone’s just going be doing it anyways. People still do it right now. If you were putting that money out-of-state illegally, why not make it legal and pump that money into the infrastructure and state economy,” said one sports better. That’s the logic and the reasoning as to why most states will legalize sports betting.

News – March Madness Sports Betting Numbers

iBET ETF Insights:  The American Gaming Association, estimates 45 million Americans will wager $3.1 billion on the tournament, and around 36.5 million will bet something on a bracket or office pool. The numbers here are extremely conservative, we should have totals towards the end of the month. All we have seen are record breaking numbers, expect more of the same. With all the upsets so far, the house is winning.

News – DraftKings CEO says people selling his company stock will regret that decision

iBET ETF Insights: DraftKings is down over 43% over the past three months, and 72% during the past 12 months. Jason Robins CEO vows that people who are selling his company’s stock will “regret that decision” he wrote on twitter, “If you sold #DKNG today, just be aware that my team and I are on a mission to make you regret that decision more than any other decision you’ve ever made in your life.” Robins has an optimistic long term approach on his sports betting and fantasy sports company. During the company’s last earnings call, Robins pushed for more states such as California to legalize sports betting, the company is hoping for Nationwide legalization as soon as possible.

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