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News – Bettors moving away from brackets to legal sports betting

iBET ETF Insights: A survey from Fox Business showed that 60% of respondents who bet on the NCAA tournament did not fill out a bracket, with only 8% of bettors surveyed solely filling out a bracket. 49% of bettors surveyed said they were less interested in filling out brackets now that there is legalized online sports betting. Since last years tournament 29 million more Americans can wager from their home states, with many new up and coming markets this number will expand. The American gaming association predicted $3.1 billion in wagers this years tournament, with 76% of those bets placed outside of brackets.

News – BetMGM launches online sports betting in Ontario

iBET ETF Insights: BetMGM announced the launch of its online sports betting and Igaming platform in Ontario Canada. Ontario is the first international market for BetMGM and the 23rd overall for the operator. BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt said, “Today marks a significant milestone for BetMGM and a momentous occasion for sports fans and online players in Ontario” BetMGM has established relationships with legendary Canadian athletes, that are expected to appear in upcoming marketing for BetMGM.

News – Californians will vote in November for Sports betting legalization

iBET ETF Insights: Voters in the nation’s most populous state will get a chance to legalize sports betting in November. New York set a record with $2 billion in handles in the first month of launch, and it is expected that California will top this when legalization is finalized.

News – Missouri sports betting legalization push continues

iBET ETF Insights: Missouri house of representatives voted Thursday to advance a measure to legalize sports betting. The vote has been cheered by pro gambling groups looking to bring sports betting to the state. The bill now moves to the senate where another vote will take place. The legislation seeks to recognize that many Missourians are already placing sports bets in surrounding states. A reading of the bill shows the legislation would allow for professional and college sports betting in the state.

News – Massachusetts senators favor sports wagering or bills seeking to do so

iBET ETF Insights: A News Service surveyed 40 Massachusetts senators and reported that 24 senators, representing 60 percent of the chamber, favor sports wagering or bills seeking to do so. Details need to be confirmed but this is moving in the right direction. “I’m hoping to be able to do that (legalize), but as was noted, many, many of the senators, basically, to paraphrase them, said that the devil’s in the details,” President Karen Spilka said. “Once we have consensus, the intent is to do that very task.”

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